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With Hart Films

With Hart Films is the film company created in 2014 by director/Producer Poppy de Villeneuve.

We currently have two feature documentaries in post production and production, Destiny on the Main Stage and 1966.

Despite the prevalence of strip clubs in the United States our understanding of strippers remains murky and subject to stereotype. In Destiny on the Main Stage we travel along the highways of Texas from Frisco to Mesquite, Grapevine to Waxahachie, and Plano to Fort Worth as four women bare themselves both on stage and in life. What we find is surprisingly recognizable. In Dixie territory in the wilds of Texas, without our guns blazing, we start to talk some home truths - to question the decisions that effect all our sisters, daughters, wives, mothers and lovers and in turn our brothers, sons, husbands, fathers, lovers and friends. Will the women take steps to bring them closer to their dreams? Are those dreams attainable or will the loop of disappointment keep going? As one of subjects, Polly, told us in her first interview, “Albert Einstein’s definition of insanity is doing the same thing again and again and expecting different results.” It’s all still unfolding, the wheels are still turning on the highway. The prophets weren’t saints, they were just people.  

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1966 is a film about freedom...freedom from money, expectations, and the past. Looking backwards as a salve for today.

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