We arrived in Dallas for our first shoot week on Monday morning after an unexpected over night stop in Charlotte. Since we have grown so attached to the never-ending New York winter, we brought the ice with us to Texas. The up side was watching the Oscars from the Holiday Inn on Little Rock road in Charlotte, this somehow seemed appropriate before we set sail. The next morning we touched down in Dallas at 9am. It’s always a strange feeling to approach your first shoot day particularly when dealing with real individuals and not actors, and a delicate subject. I have had many discussions about the world we are entering and how our questions reveals as much about ourselves as our subjects and the balance of different peoples truths. The previous week I had watched a panel with D.A. Pennebaker, Albert Maysles & Rachel Grady, looking to arm myself with the right tools, but the truth is I sort of have to enter in the dark. The journey is never one that is expected, but perhaps that is what makes it worth us taking. The first day we filmed in the Pastimes Tavern, on the shelf were two mugs each a booby, a pair of boobies, a booby each.  


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