How this started...

I was working on a short film for BAM with an ex-homicide detective, driving through the Grand Canyon. He has links to the Dixie mafia and was working on a case, talking on the phone to a 'house mom.' I didn’t know what that was (now I know many -- they are like sorority moms, who look after the exotic dancers in the locker room). Anyway. I was intrigued but had mixed feelings about strippers and strip clubs. After talking to the house mom Judy on the phone and hearing the gentlest, most familiar Southern voice on the phone I was hooked and was ready to get to Dallas. I photographed the girls at a men’s club in Dallas and the project began. The chaotic environment of the strip club world has many twists and turns; we learn new terms every day -- and we’ll leave them to your imagination -- but to share a few “office duty”  “club Monkey” and, What’s the difference between a stripper and a waitress? Two weeks.


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